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About Bluemont

Our Bluemont goal is to expand opportunities to serve the community in ways which may utilize our vast knowledge of technology.  Our employees share a common goal of service.  Bluemont’s services offer an opportunity to strengthen knowledge and acquire experiences in keeping with our determination to grow.  Bluemont wants to fill the technology needs of our community and establish ourselves as a reliable resource.

Bluemont Technology & Research, Inc was founded in 2007, when the owner grew disenchanted with the way businesses were treating their customers and their employees.  She built a company where her employees are treated like people instead of robots and customers are treated like family instead of numbers.  Bluemont Technology and Research has worked hard to create a culture for its employees that is welcoming and nurtures grow.

Through Bluemont’s many branches, including HUBZone Staffing Solutions, which helps businesses find the employees they need through their wide candidate pools, and A Desk 4 Me, which helps businesses to solve their marketing needs through social media integration, website development, graphic design, and much more, we foster closer working relationships within the Luray/Page County community as well as seek national and global technical solutions to serve a broad and diverse community.

To learn more about what we do email info@bluemonttechnology.com.

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