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About Bluemont

Bluemont Technology & Research, Inc was founded in 2007. At the time disenchantment was growing with the rise of big dot-com tech and how the industry handled its customers and employees, sometimes quite unfairly and impersonally. CEO Bernadette Gagnon responded by building a company where tech development is centered on the needs of people and the community, where clients and partners are treated like family members instead of numbers.

For over a decade now, Bluemont Tech has nurtured and sustained a happier IT culture of collaboration and creativity. The Bluemont culture has generated a number of likeminded people-centered companies, including HUBZone Staffing Solutions, helping area businesses find the talented employees they need through wide candidate pools, and A Desk 4 Me, which provides affordable marketing solutions to various businesses via social-media automation, website development, graphic design, etc.

The Bluemont way is to utilize cutting-edge technology to serve communities through new and creative opportunities. Our family of workers share a common goal of service. We foster tight-knit relationships within the Luray and Page County community and with national and global communities. Bluemont Tech fills the technology and information needs of today.

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