AR/VR Game Development

Bluemont Technology is actively developing new games/training simulations in AR (Augmented reality) /VR gameplay (Virtual Reality) with fully immersive instruction. Skill competences we specialize in include: C#, Maya, 3ds Max, and Unity. These applications are bringing a new kind of systems engineering that requires deep technology and strong mathematical/physics background built around graphic arts. These services can also be used for mission planning.

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Our implementation utilizes AR (e.g., MS HoloLens / NorthStar) and VR (e.g., Oculus / Vive) plus emerging haptic technologies with Immersive Virtual Training (IVT). We also have concurrent use by multiple users and we have the ability for them to interact.

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TubeBeContinued can be enjoyed as a G-rated game for everyone in the family to play. It is simple enough to play with your youngest children and has advanced levels with puzzles that can challenge most adults. The puzzle solutions randomly change within the levels to ensure you are challenged!

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Alternately it provides low-stress method to experiment with numerous hand and eye interactions using the HoloLens2 or smartphone mobile devices to better prepare you for company training. TubeBeContinued allows you to reposition the puzzles within the room and perform complex hand interactions including: selecting items, grabbing items, rotating items to lock them in place, and rotating items in Augmented Reality (AR) space.