We offer five areas of performance. Each area pursues opportunities independently and as teammates.  These areas have evolved to reflect the strengths of experience and skills.

We are often characterized as “easy to work with”, “they listen”, “they work well with my other contractors”, and “great work”.

                                                                                                INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY

We support the entire IT life cycle (requirements, development, test, and deployment, including project management. Bluemont’s skills are rooted in supporting process standard ISO 2000 ITSM (Information Technology Service Management) and PMI (Program Management Institute) coupled with the best suited implementation approach (Agile, Scrum, etc.) for the project. We offer project management, business analysis, software development, database management, data analysis/visualization, testing, configuration management, network services, and service desk functions.  We are compliant with the emerging CMMC (Cybersecurity Management Model Certification).


Bluemont’s focus is with systems engineering, software engineering, and electrical engineering. We develop custom algorithms and tools for data exploitation from varied mediums (data sets, networks, visuals, etc.). The development environments range from custom configurations of Raspberry PIIs

to high performance computer platforms to massively distributed cloud environments. We are very focused on data and as such are a CMMI Partner for DMM (Data Management Maturity).

                                                                                                    RESEARCH + INNOVATION

A cornerstone of our legacy and continuing projects is focused on research and innovation.

In addition to SBIRs, we have been supporting research activities for 10+ years. Some of our internal programs, include: EDA (Electronic Design Analysis) using IEEE-1685 for optimization and security validation, augmented reality, intelligent decision guides for engineering services such as configuration management boards, and quantum information science approximation optimizations. Some of our customer supported research topics include: network analysis, cognitive analysis in gaming and trade craft, quantum information error correction, 3D point cloud spatial analysis, VR/AR (Virtual Reality /Augmented Reality), and wearable computer analysis for better human performance. We also provide research technology protection, ITAR, and insider threat analysis.

                                                                                                    INSTRUCTIONAL SERVICES

This area is no longer stacks of dusty books – it is alive with simulations, digital games, pod casts, and immersive reality (AR/VR). We can develop a custom training suite for you or implement your current plan. Bluemont’s approach is based on traditional educational models, supplemented with cognitive analysis methods and supplemental technologies (including Virtual Reality).

                                                                                                COMMUNICATIONS SERVICES

This area focuses on traditional and emerging communication methods. Traditional (“print services”) are graphic design, signage, templates, corporate identification and branding, newsletters, etc.

Emerging communications takes the traditional methods and fully merges that into today’s hyper digital world. For example, instead of sending hard copies of newsletters, we would convert the newsletter into a campaign delivered via email, YouTube (possibly including podcasts) and social media outlets (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) to ensure the message is widely distributed to the target audience. Unlike traditional communications where there are limited means to provide feedback, emerging communication methods (e.g. social media) provides near real-time feedback. We manage the feedback and monitor the responses to ensure the “message” is being communicated. Bluemont’s services also include the analysis and monitoring of your digital footprint within communication mediums (press releases, social media, etc.).

                                                                                                BUSINESS META DATA

:: Founded 2007

:: Business Type: WOSB/EDWSOB, HUBZone Certified

:: Virginia C Corp

:: DUNs: 806332743

:: CAGE Code: 4USM9

:: Financing: BB&T

:: DCAA Approved

:: Accounting System updated 09/2017

:: ATS (Applicant Tracking System) for recruiting


:: Customers: IARPA, CIA, IARPA, Navy, USDA, USHMM, etc.

:: Keywords: Software Development, Systems Engineering, Databases, Algorithms, High Performance Computing, Visualization (VR/AR), Quantum Computing, Service Desk, Social Media, Graphic Design, Training, Marketing, Communication.

:: NAICS: 541330, 541430, 541490, 541511, 541512, 541513,

541611, 541613 541618, 541690, 541712, 541720,

541890, 541990, 561110, 561210, 518210, 519190,

and others

:: HUBZone Principal Office: 136 General Drive, Luray, VA 22835

:: Correspondence Address: PO Box 182, Bluemont, VA 20135


                                                                                                                           OUR PEOPLE

:: The Best Technologists: Software Engineers, Systems Engineers, Network Engineers, Data Architects, Data Modelers, Intelligence Analysts, Knowledge Management, Graphic Designers, Educators, Digital Marketing Experts, Service Desk

:: Certifications: ITIL, PMP, Agile, CISSP, Security+, DoD 8570, Lean Six Sigma, CMMI (DMM partner since 2017), ISO 20000 ITSM (expected 4Q 2020), ISO 27001 Information Security (expected 3Q 2020), ISO 9000 Quality Management (planned 2Q 2020), and more.

:: Expertise: J2E/Java, C/C++/C#, Mat Lab, Haskel, Quantum Computing, Prolog, Act-R, HPCC ECL, COBOL, Linux, WebLogic, VMWare, J2EE/Java, IBM Mainframes and more

:: We support continuing education, papers, conferences, and independent research to ensure our employees maintain

a competitive edge.


                                                                                                                                 WHY US?

:: We Listen

:: Strong Team Players

:: Technology Focused

:: “Top Performers”

:: Innovation Leaders

:: We Conquer All Technology Challenges as a Team

                                                                                                        OUR PRIME CONTRACTS

:: Seaport-e  + Seaport-e NxGen

:: eFAST


:: SBIRs

:: And more on the way…