We are constantly looking for talented individuals who can add to our culture and help us to grow as a company. You can browse our current openings and apply online. Positions are updated weekly.

Career Openings

Benefits: We offer a very competitive salary with benefits. Our benefits include: medical, dental, vision, FSA, 401K, cell allowance, association dues, and more.

Our Culture

Because Bluemont Technology & Research, Inc. believes that our business culture is critical to our business success, we strive to manage our day to day activities to minimize stress and optimize productivity.

A healthy business culture is important and critical in improving and maintaining the value of our company.  The culture of BT&R is reflected in our goals which guide our policies and our direction.

Bluemont believes in frequent feedback. 

The progress and performance of our employees is checked weekly in sit down sessions as a routine performance management program.  We have discovered that frequent feedback helps team members to be more involved in change and better equipped to manage progress.

Bluemont appreciates her employees.

The overall work environment and observably high engagement levels at Bluemont offices, assures that our employees are rewarded and motivated in a multitude of ways, verbally and financially.

Bluemont provides career development.

We believe that when a company invests in the career advancement of her employees, it is a win-win investment.  Bluemont places high emphasis on employees who obtain skills and growth within our organization.

Bluemont does not ignore training and onboarding.

Training plays a vital part in bringing on new talent and at Bluemont we consider it essential to the business health of our company.  We have clearly stepped away from linear, classroom style instruction and adopt innovative practices and mentorship.

Bluemont believes our employees’ work experience is essential to our cause and our mission.

The Bluemont culture is important not only in what our customers say about us, but also in how we determine who will apply for jobs.  Further, it clearly reflects how Bluemont employees are dedicated and engaged.

Bluemont fosters flexibility for a complex real world.

Our schedules reflect the humanity of our employees.  We implement flexible work arrangements for all – entry-level to administration.  Bluemont grants our employees the comfort to approach our leaders with the surprises life throws at us.


We offer a very competitive salary with benefits.  Our benefits include: medical, dental, vision, FSA, 401K, cell allowance, association dues, and more.


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