Hawksbill Greenway Project

The Hawksbill Greenway is a two-mile, paved trail which winds through downtown Luray connecting business and residential areas.  It is lush with trees, gardens, birds, butterflies, trout, and other wildlife.  The Hawksbill Greenway is handicap accessible and a great place to fish, walk, run, cycle, picnic, and much more.
The goal of the Hawksbill Greenway project is to create a VR experience that can be shared by visitors and locals alike.  It will make the Greenway accessible for visitors to see before they come and plan their trips.  It will allow locals to see the area that the live, as well as use this for educational purposes.  Lastly, it will allow those who can’t get out to be able to view a part of their town that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to enjoy.