Project Radon

In looking at the health of citizens of Page County/ Stanley, both cardiovascular and extreme types of cancer, we asked a pure question, “Why here?”  Local citizens do not know the history of radon in Page County.  No viable studies or detailed tracking has been done. Presently, Page County does not have a zoning ordinance that monitors with regularity, nor a system for follow-up research.  Our concern is the health and welfare of our community, town of Stanley specifically, and of Page County.

Page County, Town of Stanley, is located in Zone 1, the highest proportion of Radon gas, according to the Commonwealth of Virginia Radon Zone Map. High instances of death by Cardiovascular Disease and Malignant Neoplasmic Cancers and other diseases prompt the need for this project.

The Town of Stanley received 100 Radon kits free for distribution. This project will track who receives the kit and record relative information: type housing, age of structure, and readings from the kit. In addition, detailed information regarding house, family, and geology, will be used for future possible health signs of the community.

That in mind, Bluemont’s objectives are two-fold:  Primary – to create a verifiable study of current Radon levels in Stanley/Page County.  Secondary –   To establish a history of Bluemont services to the HUBZone community.